About us

We fly the flag!

The Deutscher Kreuzer-Yacht-Verband (German Cruiser Yacht Association) was founded in 1911 and became the cruiser section of the Deutscher Segler-Verband (DSV) the German Sailing Federation in 1917. We are the largest association of yachtsmen and motorboat owners and enthusiasts in Germany.

We have circa 17.500 members — yachtsmen and women and motorboat owners - and together we represent the interests of water sports enthusiasts on the sea, at the coast and on inland waters.

We finance our wide variety of activities from membership fees and from funds from the DSV.

Services and information
We offer yachtsmen and enthusiasts a broad spectrum of information and services and many perks — including competitive prices for fully comprehensive yacht insurance, free marine weekend weather service, discounts on DSV manuals and guides to cruising areas, support with the planning of trips and much, much more.

On the spot help
With more than 200 harbour bases and local representatives at home and abroad we can support our members with help and advice when they are out on the water.

For freedom on the water
We represent the interests of cruiser and motorboat owners and enthusiasts in political and commercial matters and with local authorities. Our aim is to prevent restrictions of our cruising areas, excessive bureaucracy and unreasonable financial demands. Every new member makes us stronger: together we can achieve more.

For more safety
Through the provision of a diverse programme of courses, seminars and practical training with reduced rates for members we promote the levels of training and safety in water sports.


Become a member!


The cruiser yacht section is open to every yachtsman and woman and motorboat owner or enthusiast who is a member of a club affiliated to the DSV or is in the Deutscher Motoryachtverband DMYV (German Motor Yacht Association). Anyone who does not yet belong to one of these associations can join the Club der Kreuzer-Abteilung e. V. the club of the cruising section and become a member in a community of like-minded sailors.


Executive Committee

Mona Küppers
Höhenweg 137
46347 Oberhausen

Jens Uwe Lütje
Viertenteilshufe 1
23744 Schönwalde
Harald Baum
Beckers Treppe 6
22587 Hamburg
Dr. Frank Praetorius
Lauterbornweg 27
63069 Offenbach

Gabriela Thiele
Am Strasserfeld 35
40627 Düsseldorf